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Scottish Saltire Cufflinks

Scottish Saltire Cufflinks
Rhodium Plated Scottish Saltire Cufflinks from Lloyd, Attree & Smith
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Good quality rhodium plated Scottish Saltire cufflinks from Lloyd, Attree & Smith. These flag cufflinks are made using coloured enamel, have a width of 20mm and feature standard twist lock fastening These Scottish flag cufflinks feature rectangular Scottish Saltire (St. Andrew's Cross) flags in a detailed enamel finish. With rhodium plating for protection against wear, these Scottish Saltire cufflinks come in a slimline presentation box and make a charming and thoughtful present.

The Origin of the Scottish Saltire
It is believed the Saltire became the national flag of Scotland in the year 832AD, in the sky above a battlefield near the village of Athelstaneford in East Lothian. This time the Scots were the invaders, as East Lothian was part of the kingdom of Northumbria. On the eve of the battle, King Angus, who was leading the Scots and Picts, is reported to have had a vision in which St Andrew appeared to him, and assured him of victory.

Scottish Saltire Arriving at the battlefield the next day, the Scots and Picts were heavily outnumbered, and Angus and the whole Scots army knelt down to pray to St Andrew. They vowed that if they emerged victorious, St Andrew would be their patron saint, and his cross would become the national flag of Scotland. As the forces of Scotland and England faced each other to commence battle, a strange thing happened. White clouds formed the shape of a diagonal cross, set against the background of the light blue sky. Inspired, the Scots went on to victory when the English leader Aethelstan was killed and the Northumbrians fled. From then on the Saltire became the flag of Scotland.
Courtesy of scotlandwelcomesyou.com

    Saltire Cufflinks Features
  • Quick Order Code: #250
  • Cufflinks Brand: Lloyd, Attree & Smith
  • Cufflinks Artcode: CF010/1
  • Style: Flag Cufflinks
  • Fastening: Twist Lock
  • Colour: Blue & White
  • Face Dimensions: 20 X 12mm
  • Material/Finish: Coloured Enamel
  • Packaging: Slimline Presentation Box

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  Rhodium plated Scottish Saltire cufflinks - flag cufflinks from Lloyd, Attree & Smith (#250) Artcode: CF010/1